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Retailers / Distributors of The Tie Thing

 Kir-Royal Presents The Tie Things to customers in Malta s/o Sicily

Kir-Royal in Valletta ; Malta



Saliba Ludwig at Kir-Royal Men's Shop and Consultancy in Malta [Italy].   

He's got some very nice items:

The Tie Thing now in 31 VON MAUR StoresTTTTTTo1

Von Maur at FOUR CORNERS, BROOKFIELD,WI!mensshop/otjxb


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Daniel & Eunice Yoo at Capital West Cleaners. "We Love The Tie Thing! So Do Our Customers! Since Receiving Our Display Last Month, We have Already Purchased Refills." 

Zandstra's Store For Men in Highland, In.  (219) 923-3545

"I ask my customers, would you have a suitcase without wheels?...Then you need The Tie Thing for your Ties!" I've been wearing the same one everyday for years. Now colors are the big thing, so we stock up (BTW, Purple is backordered!)


Retailers of Men's Apparel can now offer THE TIE THING™ in their stores. For businesses which offer professional or commercial apparel which include Neck Ties, THE TIE THING™ is the perfect complement to their inventory. It also offers businesses a unique opportunity to promote their store as "The" place to find The Tie Thing™ as once purchased, it quickly becomes an "object of discussion".

  • Make THE TIE THING ® Presentable with Optional POP Displays Shown.
  • Displays are custom designed to minimize their footprints (8" x 4") while maximizing exposure at POP areas such as Malls.
  • Utilizing these displays at the Point of Sale  (VS. baskets/hangers, etc.) have proven to triple sales while keeping the attractive acrylic base in place and stock attractively organized and accessible during checkout.
  • Sold anywhere Ties, Tie accessories or men's formal/business attire is sold.
  • Utilize UPC Coding
  • THE TIE THING is also sold on hundreds of Web Sites in over 27 Countries Worldwide.
  • See Muliple Display size Samples to determine which is best suited for your Brick & Mortar Locations and whether selling online or in-store - contact us for Wholesale pricing:
  • call 262-790-2040 or email

Retailer kit includes

  • THE TIE THING ® Point of Sale Display for Retail Countertop.
  • 12 Tubes Containing (5 multi-color) TIE THINGS ® on display with each "Mall/Countertop POP Display" specially designed for smaller countertops typically found in Mall settings.
  • Optional Refills; 12 Tubes Containing (5 color) TIE THINGS ®


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Retail Contact for The Tie Thing™  is  Pat Wilkins at


If you are interested in becoming a distributor for THE TIE THING ®, please contact us for Wholesale Pricing & Terms by calling 262-790-2040262-790-2040 Or emailing .

We are able to integrate seemlessly into any store by utilizing:

  • Electronic Data Interchange Compliant (EDI)
  • UPC Coding

In fact, THE TIE THING ®  is the perfect personalized suit accessory for virtually any occasion. It will keep ties secure and will not ruin ties like a tie pin or tie tack, and will not get in the way like tie clips. It is used worldwide by fashionable gentlemen and businessmen who want to look sharp, as well as at Special occasions such as Weddings - both for the servers, as well as groomsmen and the make GREAT Gifts when positioned just above any place setting at a reception or banquet!

THE TIE THING ™ is used as part of many uniforms in many markets beyond fashion as it presents elegant utility to common Tie challenges (falling in Food/ Beverages, etc.) thereby making it a perfect compliment to Catering & High - End Restaurant Server's Uniforms & Limo Driver suits. 

From Wedding/ Event Planners, to Tie Retailers, to Dry Cleaners providing their customers a truly elegant solution for protecting expensive Ties.

We back our Tie Product up with a 200% Lifetime guarantee to replace any Tie Thing that rips, tears or in any way fails as described. Simply return your Tie Thing and we will replace it with 2 others, N/C!

Absolutely NO SHIPPING

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