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5 TIE THING ® Package from The Tie Thing ® Necktie Restraint

$36.50 $19.95

THE TIE THING ® is both an alternative as well as accessory to traditional necktie restraints such as tie tacks, clips, or bars. Unlike accessories designed for aesthetic  purposes though, The Tie Thing controls a necktie without puncturing or snagging, and, unless intentionally revealed, does not show.

This packages includes five TIE THING ® necktie restraints and one storage tube, which is perfect for watertight protection in shaving/travel kits as well as an attractive gift package for only $24.95. (Reg. $36.50)

Colors included: White, Off-White*, Medium Blue, Dark Blue, and Black.

Though typically an unseen addition to gentlemen's apparel, it is not unusual for a man of Bespoke taste to reveal this amazing compliment to his apparel first.

Perfect for men's gifts and a must for any gentlemen's wardrobe apparel accessory collection.

Unlike accessories designed for aesthetic purposes, The Tie Thing also controls a necktie without puncturing or snagging, and, unless intentionally revealed by the wearer, does not show.Yes, though typically unseen while in use, it is not at all unusual for a gentleman of Bespoke taste to reveal this amazing compliment to his apparel.Perfect for men's gifts and a must for any gentlemen's wardrobe accessory collection.

  • Wear this Necktie Accessory one time and you'll find out what others have discovered -- where has THE TIE THING ® been all this time?
  • Unlike other plastic or vinyl tie restrains, The Tie Thing is not a consumable product [read: designed to fail]. It is a fine cotton piece of apparel that was designed to last for many years.
  • THE TIE THING ® is finely constructed with durable cotton material using double-stitched button holes that are built to withstand rigorous washing or dry-cleaning environments without losing it's shape or color. This heavy-Duty tie accessory has been designed to last 10 years or more, much longer than most shirts or ties.
  • Complete your wardrobe accessory collection today using our Special Deals and remember, Father's Day is just around the corner!
  • The Tie Thing was designed originally as a "Must-Have" to complete any Gentlemen's wardrobe. It continues to successfully accomplish that role.
  •  Tie Things however, also referred to as Tie Straps, Tie Holders, Tie Devices and various other control items.
  • The functionality of The Tie Thing ® has shown itself so effective (and inexpensive), that it has been expanded and often mandated in several additional markets as well including Pilots, Medical, & virtually any service industry requiring both safety and hygienic applications [E.G. Fine Restaurants], Luxury Hotels, to Limo Services, etc.)
  • Try a Tie Thing and find out for yourself. And don't worry about losing your Tie Things as they can be stored in our watertight storage tube- great for travel.
  • Tubes Only Included in the 5-Pack Special
  • We back our Tie Product up with a 200% Lifetime guarantee to replace any Tie Thing that rips, tears or in any way fails as described. Simply return your Tie Thing and we will replace it with 2 others, N/C!

  • Note: The 5-Pak represents our best sellers. Occasionally, we may offer new colors from our custom pallet in the 5-Pak. Recently, Taupe/ Latte has become more popular than Cream/Off White and will be integrated into the line up.
  • See Link to View Taupe/Latte

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