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Off-White from The Tie Thing ® Necktie Restraint

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The Tie Thing ®, unlike uncomfortable stiff plastic or disposable vinyl Tie Straps or Tie Holders*, The Tie Thing ® is crafted with 100% cotton providing a durable yet attractive men's necktie accessory/necessity inspired by unruly neckties to keep them secure and presentable as aesthetic clips and bars do not and they will outlive any shirt or necktie. 

* Our Exclusive Tie Things ® come with an unprecedented 200% Lifetime Guarantee not to rip, tear or otherwise fail in any way or we will replace it for free, plus send you another for your trouble. Simply mail back to Wilkins Apparel LLC at 3325 Bradee Road, Brookfield WI., 53005 and we will ship your replacements at N/C!

Our color selection is a result of years of requests from our customers. Though virtually invisible, it can be used to match a shirt or provide contrast to it!  

Unlike other plastic or vinyl tie restrains, The Tie Thing is not a consumable product [read: designed to fail]. It is a fine cotton piece of apparel that was designed to last for many years.

Off-White. Also referred to as Cream in our collection, but is @ 2 shades lighter as true on a PMS pallet.


Many white shirts, though still the most sharp and classic, are becoming less "Stark", as if dimming the lights to ease the mood. It's subtle but effective and unconsciously appreciated as an evening wears on. Based on stitch count or Machined rather than Bespoke construction, the same "Off-white"  shirt can look differently. Move from one room to another, and the difference becomes even more apparent making it worth the extra time to match Ties carefully. Our Off-White addresses these issues and is therefore also holds a coveted position in our 5- Pack.


THE TIE THING™ is both an alternative as well as accessory to traditional necktie restraints such as tie tacks, clips, or bars. Unlike accessories designed for aesthetic  purposes though, The Tie Thing controls a necktie without puncturing or snagging, and, unless intentionally revealed, does not show.


Though typically an unseen addition to gentlemen's apparel, it is not unusual for a man of Bespoke taste to reveal this amazing compliment to his apparel first.

Perfect for men's gifts and a must for any gentlemen's wardrobe apparel accessory collection.


Unlike accessories designed for aesthetic purposes, The Tie Thing also controls a necktie without puncturing or snagging, and, unless intentionally revealed by the wearer, does not show.Yes, though typically unseen while in use, it is not at all unusual for a gentleman of Bespoke taste to reveal this amazing compliment to his apparel.Perfect for men's gifts and a must for any gentlemen's wardrobe accessory collection.

  • Wear this Necktie Accessory one time and you'll find out what others have discovered -- where has THE TIE THING™ been all this time?
  • THE TIE THING™ is finely constructed with durable cotton material using double-stitched button holes that are built to withstand rigorous washing or dry-cleaning environments without losing it's shape or color. This heavy-Duty tie accessory has been designed to last 10 years or more, much longer than most shirts or ties.
  • Complete your wardrobe accessory collection today using our Special Deals and remember, Father's Day is just around the corner!
  • The Tie Thing was designed originally as a "Must-Have" to complete any Gentlemen's wardrobe. It continues to successfully accomplish that role.
  •  Tie Things however, also referred to as Tie Straps, Tie Holders, Tie Devices and various other control items.
  • The functionality of The Tie Thing has shown itself so effective (and inexpensive), that it has been expanded and often mandated in several additional markets as well including Pilots, Medical, & virtually any service industry requiring both safety and hygienic applications [E.G. Fine Restaurants], Luxury Hotels, to Limo Services, etc.)
  • Try a Tie Thing and find out for yourself. And don't worry about losing your Tie Things as they can be stored in our watertight storage tube- great for travel.
  • Tube Sold Separately Any order of 5 or more will be shipped in Tube[s] of up to 5/ea. Free!


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