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Press Release;                                                                                                             June 2015 Healthcare /Containing Cross-Contamination of Harmful Bacteria in Hospitals/Clinics Source: Wilkins Medical Apparel LLC “The Debate”, Often Contentious, Continues: Should Physicians Be Wearing Neckties…!  Directive: Cross Contamination Management & Control   Judith Rasband, an image management consultant based in Provo, Utah, argues the benefits of wearing a tie for male doctors outweigh any infectious risk. (1) She’s not alone… In a survey performed in a public concourse of a UK hospital, HCP were more likely than non-HCP [Health Care Personnel] to prefer physicians’ wearing of neckties for reasons of professionalism.     Advocates for Disease Control label..

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Will The Tie Thing® Revolutionize The Medical Industry By Reducing Communicable Bacteria & Disease!? A New Solution to an old, but serious Medical Challenge (2004-2015) Preventing Communicable Bacteria/ Diseases in Non-Operating Room Environments? A newly developed product application from Wilkins Medical Apparel. "Mission Critical" ed. 2014: According to CDC's National Healthcare Safety Network, a growing number of healthcare-associated infections are caused by bacteria that are resistant to multiple antibiotics. Related Study from the IDSA: "Do Nano-treated Neckties Reduce the Carriage of Bacterial Pathogens from Neckties of Physicians?" Conclusions: Nano-treated neckties did not prevent the bacterial carriage on physicians’ neckties.  John Cawley, BS,..

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Lifestyle expert shares incredible gift ideas for grads. College and high school graduations are upon us and Suzie Brown from shares her top picks including both fun and practical ideas as gifts. You can view the video here: Of course one of the most fun & practical is The Tie Thing! Chances are we have their school colors and you can keep them looking sharp as well....Remember- they'll have enough to worry about on their interviews, we don't want to have to add how their Tie looks to the list!

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