#The Tie Thing was Selected By Carla Marie On The Elvis Duran Show (I Heart Radio) In Her "What's Trending" Segment. Elvis: "Order e A Dozen!!... I Don't Know About The Other Guys In he Room, But When It Comes To Wearing A Tie, It's The Biggest Pain In The Ass....Order Me A Dozen"

From Carla Marie's "What's Trending" Catalog (#Elvis Duran Show)

"The Tie Thing: This one is for the boys! Those of you who wear tie's daily know the struggle of your tie getting in your food or even caught in a door! Yes, there are tie clips but they aren't for everyone. The Tie Thing is the perfect solution! It claims to "tame in appropriate tie behavior" with a small accessory that goes through the loop on the back of your tie and hooks to two of your buttons. So simple yet so useful. "It's so cool that it's being gifted in the non-winning nominees gift bags at The Oscars (r) this weekend!"