Whether you are a Wedding Planner, a Caterer [for any Banquet /Event], Or Putting your own special occasion together, The Tie Thing Can be a real friend.

Caterers and Wedding Planners can now offer unique solutions to an out-of-control tie worn by servers. They are being offered as gifts to grooms, groomsmen and attendees (An attractive discrete package positioned just above the place Setting at a reception or business banquet is always well received).”

Do you Plan ahead to minimize hazards and maximize your customer’s experience on the one occasion every bride is certain disaster is just around the corner?

How can “The Tie Thing” ™ Help?   Let’s look at some common challenges:

  • - A Red Wine Glass Is Knocked Over, either by a Guest, or a Server with their Swinging Tie
  • - Like a Rogue Hair gently targeting the Bisque, so goes a Tie
  • - Putting the Appearance of the Staff in Jeopardy with a Disheveled Look directly creating a negative reflection on the Caterer’s Commitment to the Superior Service Promised and doing untold (but infinitely ‘talked about’) Damage to your Reputation.
  • - Sometimes, Simply Being Able To Offer The Guests (As well as the Groom & Groomsmen) an elegant yet inexpensive Gift that will help them be regularly reminded of their experience with the Occasion after most weddings have been long forgotten, provides Perpetual Advertising & Branding hence a self-expanding pipeline of Business. See Place-Setting Above for an example of such a Presentation.
  • - Don’t let a mischievous Tie Damage your Wedding –
  • Remember, most caterers support business / Organizational / & Personal Banquets as well!
  • See Colors at www.TheTieThing.com & call us for Special Day Pricing (262)-790-2040 & ask for Pat