First it was a Tie Accessory. It provided your Tie with the control it needed to remain in place, out of the wind, out of your beverage and always looking sharp. And it saved you hundreds of dollars otherwise spent on ruined ties via death through Scotch or Tie Pins. And so the Tie Thing was/is purchased through Menswear Shops with Bespoke character, through large Men's Clothier Retail Chains and hundreds of Websites catering to Distinguished Gentlemen.

Then it became fashionable. It provided the opportunity to add that "shock" of color personalizing your day's apparel with colors to match your mood. And each color created was a result of your requests to us.

Uber Tie Maintenance evolved into an ultra High-End must have for the cutting edge fashion industries.

Now, The Tie Thing is Global and taking all markets by storm, even some who didn't include Ties in their business for lack of control or even safety concerns. Yet, a Necktie always provides any business with an advantage. And goes a step further by utilizing The Tie Thing to keep them looking straight and sharp. It sets a company apart from it's competitors by presenting itself with a look of professional commitment to quality and superior service. It can even support their all important brand as their brand reflects their reputation, and reputation means trust, and trust is everything in the business world. 

Hence, these organizations, always intent on identifying new ways of setting themselves apart and above the crowd, began to locate us! We thought we would share just some of the markets which have come to incorporate The Tie Thing as a standard part of their appearance and impression they provide whenever in contact with their customers.

Hospitality Services - High End Hotels & Restaurants, Livery Services & Airlines and Police Departments. Gaming operations, Healthcare and Cruise Lines. The Tie Thing has, for them, become "Staff Essentials." From the Doorman to the Check-in counter. Caterers and Wedding Planners can now offer unique solutions to an out-of-control tie worn by servers. They are being offered as gifts to grooms, groomsmen and attendees (An attractive discrete package placed just above the place setting at a reception or business banquet is always well received).

We support fundraisers for Places of Worship, Boys Clubs and numerous other Fundraising efforts.

High-End Specialty Markets have presented their staff in white shirts and black ties only to discover they were being tucked between shirt buttons and behind belts or even wired to their shirts with paper clips! Until, that is, The Tie Thing Solved their problems easily and inexpensively. Their stockers can now tend to their shelves without concern of being distracted by their ties. Ties are no longer found stuck in the cashier's drawer, and managers can tie their shoes without tossing their ties over their shoulders.

So whether in a Fine Suit, a uniform or giving/receiving as a gift, the Tie Thing is being found by Ties all over the Planet...and it makes us happy at Wilkins Apparel to know that we can help Tie Wearers around the world have just a little better day today.


pat wilkins