...And it Never Was! The Tie Thing is as much a part of any man's closet as the laces in his shoes.

No laces, lose your shoes. No Tie Thing, risk losing your Tie to your Bisque, or your Dignity to a Tie with an Attitude...surrendering itself to the wind or gravity should you move left or right, bend over to Tie a shoelace {remember those Laces?} or simply reach out to lend a helping hand to assist her out of the Limo & instead discovers what fine Italian Silk tastes like, your Tie may as well be your Lab off-his leash...he's going to run.

Like Zippers or Buttons, which could never be considered "accessories," as they clearly serve some pretty important purposes, The Tie Thing is no less important if you have any desire to control your Tie.

Call it Apparel Maintenance, but call it part of your Apparel.

And as a plus, like personalized shoe laces, (or High-Fashion socks of late), use your Tie Things to provide that personal shock of color that subtly sets you apart with an elegant touch of individuality.

Cheers, and may your Ties remain forever well-behaved,