It's understandable, as has been for years, there are yet more recent Tie restraints [AKA Tie Straps, Tie Holders, etc.] coming to market...and why not, it's a great idea, and it works.

There have been thin clear vinyl Tie Holders, plastic-"S"-shaped white Tie Holders, and a more recent plastic newcomer similar to the previous vinyl holder. But there are no other Patented Fabric Tie Restraints other than The Tie Thing.

Only the Tie Thing is made of durable Stitched Cotton Fabric that can be worn for years without damage. They easily withstand, but virtually never require, laundering never requiring replacement, especially when kept neatly stored in their own Tie Thing storage container.

Indeed they are virtually invisible keeping your Ties Close to your Shirt, yet, we have requests for new colors regularly and are ordered as often as 'standard' White/Blue/Black. Fact is, Men who care enough to look sharp, are not hesitant to show a bit of color and, you bet they do!

In fact we have more than 30 colors from vibrant Reds to the softest Pastels, each individually & originally requested over the years. And each is crafted from the finest cotton materials as any fine Tie Accessory should be.

In addition, the latest tie strap (Again, plastic), sells 3 for $10.00 ea.

You can get 3 High Quality Cotton Fabric Tie Things for $9.95, or five (w/ 5 colors) in a Protective storage/travel Tube for 19.95! And no shipping in the US.

Don't get caught wearing Plastic or Vinyl...when the whole point is to look Sharp & Dapper.

Enjoy wearing your fine apparel knowing you are protecting it with a fine accessory (while making a personal fashion statement at the same time!)

Thanks to all our customers and welcome newcomers & remember, there's never a wrong time to give the man who cares how he looks a fine addition to his Tie Collection.


Pat, TheTieThingGuy