Attn British Gentlemen: The Tie Rack has Gone "Underground."  

The iconic British Tie supplier "The Tie Rack" has of recent suspended business, see: .

As a result, , [supplier of "The Tie Thing"™.], has been inundated with orders from the UK.

We hope that the new owners will bring The Tie Rack back to it's former Glory providing the premium silk Ties back to it's loyal customers at their reasonable prices.

In the mean time, one of their primary Tie accessories had been The Tie Thing™.

Since previous customers are often no longer able to locate Tie Things to either replace lost TT's or wish to purchase new ones as gifts, we can provide them to you directly from .

Please note, as we do all over the world, we have suppliers both online and in Brick & Mortar Shops across the UK, so you may want to take a look online first if you would prefer to purchase from one of them more locally as shipping would apply from the US.

We simply wish to provide a quick easy alternative to customers such as those who have been contacting us directly.

Thank you and have a Terrific and "Tie Friendly" day,