Many of our customers use Tie Accessories. And why not! They are yet another classic way to make a gentlemen look sharp and distinguished.

Many are valuable & unique to the gentlemen's taste. Like cufflinks or antique pocket watches, they often hold a very personal place in our jewelry holders, often vintage themselves. They are ours, to be handed down as heirlooms for generations. These never go out of style. 

And, regardless whether or not your suit is bespoke, these fine pieces should be worn properly displayed just above lapels with elegance.

That said, it is all the more reason to invisibly secure your tie toward the bottom in order to protect your special accessory from coming loose, forfeiting it's impression by an unruly tie...not placed high (where your items are placed) & still allowing movement left and right ...exposing your first impression to tie displacement, damage or at least a disheveled look, and at risk to even greater damage of all kinds experienced by even the most well groomed men.

At some point all gentlemen will choose a solution to these challenges. Magnets not only limit style (as you no longer can wear your own), but more importantly, they do not solve the problems instigated by an unsecured tie. Plastic and vinyl holders may break or tear, still, at the end of one's evening, a gentleman requires well tended apparel. Fine material and craftsmanship while magnets, plastic and vinyl fall short, the Tie Thing provides the finest accessory in any Gentlemen's course of dress.