Thanks to all of you who have emailed us and blogged about your Tie Things!

Many have offered to share your enthusiasm on our Web Site. I only wish I had saved all those emails.

Value, Utility, Functionality and overall amazement at the simple yet obvious solutions for managing Men's Apparel with such a simple device as The Tie Thing has provided are most common. But the stories we get are often hilarious!

"...having graduated from school, we took our son out to a very nice restaurant in his brand new suit complete with New shirt and [expensive] new tie. Within minutes, his Tie was dipped in his bisque, and his shirt permanently stained...".

" short, my husband had completed a full 1/2 hour of his presentation before being alerted to his Tie draped over his shoulder after having arrived at his customer's location on a breezy day."

" more will I give someone an expensive Tie (and which ones aren't!?), without giving them a Tie Thing Too."

" would have thought the photographer would have noticed groomsmen (& even the groom!) Ties had either separated, had food on them, etc. To be fair, many of the photos were "action" shots of guests too while dancing and toasting which could not be avoided. However, now my best friend is requiring all of her Groomsmen (wearing Ties instead of Bows with their Tuxes like her fiancé) to wear Tie Things. They are also putting a Tube with one white and one black Tie Thing next to every gentlemen's plate at the reception. (And are expected to use them)"

Some comments were just being grateful to feel "complete" or "Confident" while wearing a Tie Thing.

Often, we receive unusual or interesting notes from people:

"I've been a Pilot for 25 years and no loose uniform accessories are allowed in the cockpit lest they come loose and become a hazard... We all wear them now."

"...ours is a High-End restaurant and it is very important our employees both look professional {all wear white shirts and black neckties} as well as service customers without having their Ties accidentally come in contact with food. We refrain from using Tie Bars to assure one does not come loose, or even become slanted as everyone is moving so quickly, but many still needed to tuck the bottom of their ties in their trousers. Before the Tie Thing, all bar tenders had to wear vests. Now this location and soon others will provide our entire staff with Tie Things. (Even our chefs want them for personal use as they felt left out)."

A few posts from one of the many Web Sites that carry our Tie Things:

5.0 out of 5 stars great solution to a simple problem, December 10, 2013
so simple. i can't believe i haven't seen this before. gives a nice, clean look. i imagine it will far outlast similar plastic versions.

5.0 out of 5 stars Keep your man looking good beside you., November 13, 2013
This tie keeper will keep your man,s tie in place and he will not have to be reminded to keep it neat. You have to remember to remove them from their shirts before sending them to the laundry.

5.0 out of 5 stars Keeps tie nice and tidy., November 5, 2013
Keeps tie in place so you don't end up with food on your fancy tie. Stay is very discrete so you don't look stupid wearing one

5.0 out of 5 stars Awesome, December 2, 2012
These really work well and are durable. If you wear it with a white shirt no one knows you have it on.

5.0 out of 5 stars A great invention, November 10, 2010
Ever so simple, yet effective. I still wear the tie clip I have, but only for the aesthetics of it. The tie thing is easy to use, and holds back my tie for all those times that I am helping someone with a computer question. It's not visible, it's not hard to put on, and it seems as though it will last a long time with its tough fabric. The only thing I see as a downside is losing it, that would be terrible.

And, From the owner of our First Fine Men's Apparel Bespoke Shop:

"I tell every customer when checking out, 'if you don't have these, buy them!." They are to your ties, what wheels are to your suitcases!"

So now, as of 4/14/2014, everyone has a forum at least for reviews and input. We are considering placing a Blog feature as well- Maybe "Story of the Month Club." Until then, we have Twitter & Facebook, Google Share and Pin It for your use if you would like to share your Reviews/posts.

Though rarely, if ever have we received truly negative feed back, but we do receive ideas, suggestions and general comments that can help us better serve you. After all, that is our most important goal and we will always do our best to provide the best customer service possible so you can always remain sharp and pleased about how you appear to others and remain a fan of The Tie Thing.

Always feel free to contact me directly with any questions (We also have stores, Websites and potential distributors contacting us daily from around the Globe wanting to carry The Tie Things. We're happy to entertain any of those discussions as well. I can be reached at .