If you or someone you know travels often for business, you've likely encountered the problem of opening your travel or shaving kit at the hotel, only to find it full of liquid. Airport security and baggage handlers show little regard for your personal belongings and things often get smashed in the course of your travel.

If this story sounds familiar, THE TIE THING™ Tube is the perfect accessory for you or that traveling businessman in your life. It provides watertight protection that is perfect for shaving or travel kits and will store up to five TIE THING necktie restraints. It also keeps your necktie restraints organized, so you can easily find the color you're looking for as you head off to your next meeting.

The Tube also makes a great gift package if you are giving TIE THINGS™ as a gift to a boss or colleague. The only thing worse than a misbehaving tie is having your TIE THING™ soaked by shampoo or shaving cream.

Tubes are available as part of the 5 TIE THING™ package and are sold separately for only $1.00.