How many times have you put on a tie only to have it flop around and look unwieldy and unprofessional? Chances are it happens more often than you would like to think. Even if you have tie tacks and clips, you know men’s tie accessories aren’t perfect. It’s very easy to lose them, and the items you buy might not match all of the ties you own. You want to look good and you want things to match, but you don’t want to keep spending on more clips and tacks. Fortunately, the days of losing clips are long gone. The Tie Thing really does make quite a difference.

For anyone who doesn’t know much about The Tie Thing, it’s a great way to keep your tie where it belongs. They have a nice and simple design that people won’t even notice. It’s thin and slips right behind your tie. It goes through the loop on the back of the tie and has two buttonholes that will attach it right to your shirt. This ensures that your tie stays nice and still no matter where you might be going and no matter what you might be doing. You also won’t have to worry about snagging and restricted movement as you might with a regular clip.

They have some benefits over regular men’s tie accessories as well. Tie tacks can actually damage a tie over time since you have to puncture them. You don’t want to ruin the ties you buy or that you receive as gifts from your family and friends, so, choosing a Tie Thing is a way to keep your ties in good shape. They also happen to be very cost effective, which is something you can’t really say about tie tacks and tie clips for men.

One of the other nice things about the design is the fact that you have quite a few options when it comes to colors. You naturally have a number of different color ties and shirts that you wear on a regular basis, so you will naturally want to have some different colors you can use. Having a variety of colors is always a good idea.

Whether you are looking for burgundy, lavender, khaki, black, or some other color, chances are very good that you will be able to find what you need when you look at the options with The Tie Thing.