How much money have you invested in your ties over the years? You may have quite a collection, and chances are good that some of those ties are dear to you, much more so than others are. The ties that your family and friends gave you are ones that you want to keep looking great, but with so many of the traditional suit accessories out there, it’s just not possible. While they might keep your tie in place, they don’t always keep it looking good.

The clips and the tacks, or pins, that are so common today can actually cause some damage to your ties. The use of the items is so widespread though that many people simply think that’s the way it has to be. They don’t stop to think that there might be some other and better ways to keep ties secure. Consider some of the ways those other accessories can damage your tie.

First, consider the tacks and pins. They have to puncture your tie in order to weigh it down so it doesn’t move as much. It’s easy to see how they damage your tie, and that’s the last thing you want. However, the tacks have some other disadvantages as well. In many cases, they don’t really keep the tie from moving as much as you might like. Whenever you move or bend over, the tie is still going to move quite a bit. In the end, it becomes more of a fashion accessory than it does something that will actually help you! 

Second, take some time to look at the clips out there. Even the cheap tie clips are generally expensive, and they can still damage your tie. Even though they might not have the same level of damage that a pin can do, they will actually cause some crimping damage on the tie that doesn’t look good. Clips, like the pins, do not always look good depending on the suit and tie you are wearing. You have to be careful about choosing something that matches.

It’s a good thing there is a better way to keep your tie in place and undamaged. The Tie Thing is the perfect solution. It utilizes the loop in the back of the tie and the buttons on your shirt to keep everything in place. It doesn’t damage the tie a bit either. It’s a solution that’s nice and easy and that really works.