Do you manage a clothing store or own a boutique? If the store has items for men, or caters to men entirely, then you probably carry a selection of ties and accessories. You will likely have some of the most common accessories on your shelves – tie bars, clips, and pins. They are useful items when it comes to keeping the tie in place and from moving around. The purpose is to keep the tie nice and secure, but even those items have their faults when you look at them.

Even though you can personalize them and make them look nice, pins, tacks and even bars can sometimes damage the ties. The pins are notorious for this. As such, they might not be the only types of accessories you have for ties. It could be a good idea to expand your offerings a bit.

You might want to consider adding The Tie Thing to your space. Anyplace that sells professional clothing and suit accessories can find the item a nice addition for their customers. The display is perfect for display right on the countertop, and it has instructions for the simple item right on the front of the retail display.

The display has slots for twelve tubes, and each of those tubes has two of The Tie Things in it. The display also features a space in the back that contains another eighteen tubes that have two each. This makes it easy to keep the extra inventory you have right on hand. You refill as you sell them and it is very easy to see when you need to reorder.

Are they right for your clientele? The only people who can answer that are the individual retailers. However, the popularity of The Tie Thing is growing as more and more people see just how helpful they are and how simple they are to use. The item slips through the loop on your tie and the buttonholes hook up with the buttons on your shirt. It keeps everything firmly in place so the user always looks great and doesn’t have a tie that is going all akimbo!

Some retailers might want to order a few for their own usage first just to see how well they work. This will make it much easier for them when they are trying to sell them. They will know what a real difference they can make and they can sell with confidence.