Let’s play a game of what if. What if you were getting ready for an interview for your dream job or a meeting with a client, and you had a mishap with the tie you were wearing? Whether you’ve been wearing ties your entire adult life, or you only wear them occasionally, you know they can be a pain. They sometimes seem to have a life of their own, flopping around and getting in harm’s way even when wearing a tie holder. For this imaginary job interview, imagine that you are meeting for a lunch. You get up to reach across the table and shake hands, and the tie flops right into your soup. While this doesn’t happen all of the time, and it might be an extreme example, it does happen.

You shouldn’t have to worry about your tie. It’s an accessory and it should accentuate your look rather than detract from it or make you worry about it. When you have to flip your tie over your shoulder or tuck it into your shirt just to make sure it isn’t getting in the way, it’s not doing its job – the necktie is becoming a pain in the neck.

Ties have been virtually the same for decades with no real innovation in them. People have used tie tacks and clips to help keep those ties in place, but they may not be the ideal solution for everyone. A tie tack pin can puncture and ruin the ties, clips snag, and they can actually detract from the look of the outfit if the clip is too overbearing or gaudy – and some of the clips out there do try to garner too much attention from the rest of the outfit. Instead of the old school methods of keeping the tie in place, it’s time to try something new.

The Tie Thing is a wonderful solution to this problem and it might be a great choice for you or someone that you know. The device is deceptively simple – it attaches to the buttons on your shirt and slips through the loop on the back of the tie. No one sees it, but it keeps your tie looking good and where it belongs the entire time you are wearing it. You can find them in various colors so you can get them to match your ties. They are a smart and simple way to keep your tie from getting the better of you.