The first, most popular, most durable, most fashionable Necktie accessory ever...
" A tie without a Tie Thing ®  necktie restraint is like luggage without wheels..."  Zandstra's Store For Men.
All neckties come complete with behavioral issues. They get into our food, blow in the wind, creep from one side to the other, and frankly require more than damaging pins or bars to discipline them!
Tacks, clips and bars can't protect your necktie. This is not a plastic "Tie-Stay" It is a 100% cotton men's fashion accessory for Gentlemen who care.
The Tie Thing®  Provides A Simple, Elegant Solution:
THE TIE THING ®, unlike vinyl or plastic Tie Stays, remains the worlds most functional durable and fashionable necktie accessory taming inappropriately behaving ties around the globe!
The Tie Thing, From Malta to UK to Fiji and Wall Street
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THE TIE THING ® Is the perfect necktie accessory that keeps ties in place while matching your apparel style. Tie clips & pins can be damaging, unreliable, and do little to control your neckties. Plastic Tie-Stays not only rip, tear & are disposable, they can look like scotch tape...read "Tie-Gate."

    Unlike other plastic or vinyl "tie-stay" restraints, that can crack or tear, The Tie Thing is a fine cotton piece of apparel that was designed to last for many years and comes with a 200% Lifetime Guarantee!!! *

    Our color selection is a result of years of requests from our customers around the world. Though virtually invisible, it can be used to match a shirt or provide contrast to it.

    Create Your Own Multi-Pack, simply contact us at 262-790-2040 or use the Contact Us Form and we will help you create your own Package of colors.

    * Unlike any other "Tie-Stay" We back our Tie Product up with a 200% Lifetime guarantee to replace any Tie Thing that rips, tears or in any way fails as described. Simply return your Tie Thing and we will replace it with 2 others for Free!

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