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The Tie Thing, From Malta to UK to Fiji and Wall Steet
Tacks, Clips and Bars can't protect Your Necktie. This is not a Plastic "Tie-Stay" It is a 100% Cotton men's fashion accessory for Gentlemen who care.
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THE TIE THING ®, unlike vinyl or plastic Tie Stays, remains the worlds most functional durable and fashionable necktie accessory taming inappropriately behaving ties around the globe!


THE TIE THING ® Is the perfect Necktie accessory that keeps Ties in place while matching your apparel style. Tie Clips & Pins can be damaging, unreliable, and do little to control your neckties. Plastic Tie-Stays not only rip, tear & are disposable, they can look like scotch tape...read "Tie-Gate."

    Unlike other plastic or vinyl "tie-stay" restrains, that can crack or tear, The Tie Thing is a fine cotton piece of apparel that was designed to last for many years and comes with a 200% Lifetime Guarantee!!! *

    Our color selection is a result of years of requests from our customers around the world. Though virtually invisible, it can be used to match a shirt or provide contrast to it.

    * Unlike any other "Tie-Stay" We back our Tie Product up with a 200% Lifetime guarantee to replace any Tie Thing that rips, tears or in any way fails as described. Simply return your Tie Thing and we will replace it with 2 others for Free!

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